Reasons Why Multitasking Is A False Belief

In this hectic world we live in, we’re all shaped to be a regular multitasker.

We have plenty responsibilities demanding to be finished. From completing our endless job, maintaining social relationships, until taking care of children or even ourselves. Too bad, 24 hours a day is all we have.

As a response to the fact that we have so much to do in so little time, it may seem like multitasking is the only way out.

But truth to be told, multitasking will cause you nothing but a greater loss.

Here’s a list of disadvantages coming your way if you keep doing multitask;

  1. It’s more time consuming

Multitasking will save your time is a confirmed myth. Doing a lot of things at once slows us down because each task requires a specific mindset. Once you get used, you should stay at what you’re doing instead of shifting things back and forth. Our brain needs time to refocus when you’re not doing one thing at a time.

And even worse, a study from Stanford University says that those who do multitasking make more mistakes, remember fewer details and need a longer time to complete tasks than those who do single-tasking in daily life.

2. You’ll miss out things in life

TV tropes

According to a  study from Western Washington University, people who are busy doing two things at once will miss obvious things happening in front of them.

Let’s say you’re replying a text message from one of your besties while walking at the department store, will you be able to notice that your favorite make up store is currently having a clearance sale?

Our eyes might be open but believe it or not, we are incapable of seeing if we don’t pay attention to things. It is a phenomenon known as “perceptual blindness”.

3. It stresses you out

When you do much work at the same time, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed and anxious more frequently. Multitasking means you’re doing a little of everything and your mind will keep telling you that you have tons of work piled up, waiting to be finished. You’ll end up feeling that you did nothing because in fact, you haven’t made any single thing to an end.

As a conclusion, multitasking is a productivity killer. When we multitask, we’re not doing our best, we do an average quality job of everything. 

Instead, why don’t we try to pay more attention to things fully, let ourselves dig deeper, work in a creative way we’ve never done, and find a meaning in everything?

Dear multitasker,

just remember,

you’re not multitasking.

You’re switch-tasking.


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