Which Team Are You On When It Comes to Skincare: Japanese or Korean?

Both Japanese and Korean take skincare game seriously.

Beauty begins with great skin, is a philosophy that most Asians keep close to their mind and makes them value skincare a lot. In fact, 89% of Asian girls and women tend to spend their money on skincare products rather than makeup. And because of it, Japanese and Korean skincare is more advanced than others of their kind.

But these two differs in many ways, from packaging, ingredients, until their ideal beauty standards that goes in line with their skincare effects.

First, the packaging. Korean products have cuter packaging that will make us hesitate to throw away the products once it is used. They are colorful and often taking cues from the plant and animal kingdom. Don’t be surprised if you find your favorite cartoon characters at the package of your skincare. In contrary, Japanese products are packaged in monotonous medical-looking tubes or pots.




Even so, like a common idioms ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, Japanese products contain ingredients that have been used for centuries to brighten, hydrate, and exfoliate the skin like rice bran and pearl while Korean products contain experimental yet innovative ingredients you might not have heard before. Snail mucin, bee venom, donkey milk, Yuja (a type of Korean citrus fruit), ginseng, fermented ingredients, sparkling water and even placenta in skincare products has become a rising trend.

For the result, Japanese products offer soft, matte, and translucent effects that is consistent with Japan’s ideal beauty standard, the soft looking and matte-plump skin. For you who are dealing with oily and combination skin, we think that Japanese products is made for you. On the other hand, Korean products offer glowing, dewy and fresh finish which is good for you with normal to dry skin.

To conclude, both products have different approach and characteristics but regardless of what brand and where do they come from, we guess all products boil down to one promise, to make every woman feel at their best.

So, which team are you on?


Stylestory / Huffington Post
SBH // ve

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