Dellie Threesyadinda and Her Power of Persistence

When it comes to professional sports, there’s an intangible issue that’s unable to be seen but does really exist, it’s the gender inequality. For Indonesians, it’s very common seeing men as athlete figures. But for us women, there’s this gender segregation in sports, a serious claim that women couldn’t really compete against men in sports.

Some sports require good physical aspects and biologically speaking, we are born with different muscle mass and innate strength. No wonder, we’re not born with same levels of testosterone hormones like men have.

Due to these facts, it’s pretty legit that women can’t really catch up to men in sports. Even so, Dellie Threesyadinda, an Indonesian archery athlete, proves that women can also be exceptionally good at sports.


Dellie Threesyadinda while practicing at Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan

Since seven years old, she has achieved some outstanding achievements;

  • bronze medal in Archery World Cup Turkey 2016
  • gold medal in Asian Gran Prix Bangkok 2013
  • silver medal in SEA Games Myanmar 2013
  • 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals in Asian Gran Prix 2011
  • 2 bronze medals in SEA Games Laos 2009
  • and 2 silver medals in SEA Games Thailand 2007

Born on May 12nd 1990, she has made us Indonesians proud since she’s seven years old at a regional competition in East Java. And yes, it makes us think what we’ve been doing, at that time we were probably busy playing hide and seek and cycling around our house.

It all started when her mother, Lilies Handayani—an Indonesian female archer who won the first ever olympic medal for Indonesia— took her to her practice field. And from that time on, she fell in love with archery.

One thing inspiring about her is her persistence. We know that starting from an early age is tough and could be exhausting sometimes. But Dellie, that’s what people call her, chose to take a step forward while everybody else sat down. Through challenging times, she has succeeded identifying the deep purpose behind her goals.

And persistence is one consistent trend among successful individuals, like our greatest leaders Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Alva Edison, Steve Jobs, you name it. From Monday until Friday, she does physical practice session and followed by archery practice session, and it goes on and on every Monday to Friday until the night comes. Believe it or not, she has to lift an eight kilo bow, not to mention the added force of 23 kilos to pull the string.

Her struggle doesn’t end just like that. Even she had won in countless competitions, she still wants to build a foundation for archery athletes in Indonesia.

“Consistent effort won’t betray the outcomes,” she stated firmly.

Detik Sport / Tribun News
SBH // ve




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