Ditch Plastics With These Adorable Wooden Toys


Forget about that frantic, last-minute search mission to find the right presents for your kiddos. We’ve put together the ultimate Children Day toys gift guide for kids, even if they seem to have everything already.

Wooden toys last! they are sturdy enough to be passed on for generations and simple enough to inspire imaginative play without all the lights and batteries of their plastic counterparts. So, we’ve gathered 5 of our favorites.

Little Jordan Toys

Let’s your kids learn the splash of colour. Little Jordan Toys designs a beautiful collection of architectural building blocks through which children can create beautiful cityscapes.

Kulala Toys

Looking for wooden numbers? Kulalatoys provides the wooden numbers from SUMBLOX which are an innovative way to develop math skills. Learning to count, add, subtract, multiply and much more is as simple as stacking building blocks.

Letter In Pine

They called it a cupboard of happiness, creativity, and imagination ❤️❤️ Oh, how we love this stacking toy, designed to help kids use their imaginations.

Twinkle Well

Your kids’ toys can be a timeless home decoration too. Like these Milkee Bears⁣. The set of handcrafted dolls comes in 6 pieces, Big to small. You can introducing storytelling and the meaning of ‘Family’⁣ to your kids.

Omocha Wood Toys

The company innovated on the simple cube design, adding incredible colors and illustrations to provoke creative, imaginative play. All sets are locally sourced 🙌🏻

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