How to Make Sure You Learn Something New Every Day

Beyond listening to podcasts and reading, experts recommend trying something interactive, like going to trivia night or taking an online class. Learning something new every day is a great way to keep your brain sharp as you age.

Mine your Interest

When you are learning something new, make sure it will fun for you and you’d really want to learn that. Choose something that lights you up so you can feel passionate while start to learn it. 

Discover your Learning Style

To determine your preferred way of learning, try a few different methods and see which one keeps you engaged for the longest period of time without getting distracted. For example, some people are visual learners, while others are audible.

Utilize Available Resources

A few accessible ways to obtain new information is to set aside some time daily to read, listen to a podcast, or watch YouTube videos on your topic of interest. Having a few different dependable resources will ensure that you can access new information regularly, whether you’re sitting in bed or out for a jog.

Try Multitasking

Try merging the two into one part of your day by listening to a podcast while you fold clothes or watching an online video while you’re getting ready for bed. The amount of things we learn while doing simple chores around the house is mind-boggling. Combining learning with something else almost tricks your brain into thinking it’s doing something fun. 

Turn to Your Connection

The people in your life are also a valuable resource when it comes to learning new information. This can be as simple as asking your friends what books they’ve read lately or if they’ve recently watched an interesting documentary.

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