Know The Art of Double Cleansing And Get Special Thanks From Your Own Skin

Double cleanse–the popular step in Asian skincare–won’t double the trouble as in adding extra minutes to your night skincare routine. In opposite, double cleanse will double the impurities removal and effectively cleanse your skin, so that your beauty products could work at its best and do its magic.

Double cleanse is extremely different to soaping it twice, if that what you think it is. It’s using two different types of cleansers to properly clean your skin.

You might want to follow this step, first, you need to apply oil-based cleanser because they are the expert in breaking down oil-based impurities like SPF that you can’t leave your house without, foundation that elevates your complexion, and naturally produced sebum that we all usually hate.

Then a question pop out, should I use an oil cleanser if I have oily skin? The answer is yes, you should. Even it is more important for you because oily skin produces more oil-based impurities than regular skin, that only could be removed by oil. Remember the science lesson, oil dissolves oil?

Even when you don’t wear makeup, you still need to oil cleanse because oil-based cleansers do so much more than just removing makeup (like stated above, it removes excess sebum we naturally produced as well).

Pssst, here’s something that is capable to make it all mentioned above to reality, the famous DHC Deep Cleansing Oil that could remove even the most stubborn waterproof makeup.


Salon by Houzcall store
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Next, once you removed the oily products from your face, it’s time to your favorite water-based cleanser to do the work. Now its their chance to break down and wash off the bacteria that comes from sweat, dirt, and pollutants.

We recommend a facial cleanser that we think is good for proper cleansing, it’s Perfect Double Wash by Shiseido Senka.


Salon by Houzcall store
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Perfect Double Wash by Senka–the sister of the famous cleanser Perfect Whip by Senka claims to be a two-way cleanser that gently removes dirt and makeup.

It’s like the double version of Perfect Whip by Senka, they doubled up the doze of Hyaluronic Acid that is well-known for its unbeatable abilities to hydrate and moisturize that is contained in most serums, lotions, and creams.

Plus, it produces a rich amount of airy foams and it smells really good, like a floral scent. And no worries, there is no coloring inside. (It’s very safe for sensitive skin!)

The bottom line is double cleansing may add one additional step to your skincare routine but it offer multiple benefits like boosting circulation, cleaning trapped dirt, dead skin layers, clogged pores, and preparing your skin to absorb beauty products fully since it’s now free from any dirt barrier.

Aside from all that, we still suggest you who have dry skin to add a rich moisturizer after doing double cleansing and do it only for about three times a week.

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