How To Stay Fresh and Energized During Long Hours At Work

Having to work from nine to five could be mentally draining as we need to struggle not to put our head on the desk and drift off to sleep. Sometimes staying awake, focused, and energized are harder to accomplish than to get your actual work done on time.

We know it’s not just us that struggle to stay fresh at work. If you’re with us, you might want to follow the tricks we did to keep our productivity alive.

  1. Drink often

    We all probably already know the importance of staying hydrated theoretically. But sometimes we are too crammed up with work that we forgot to sip sufficient amount of water even we already place the water bottle at places that is visible for us.

    Sometimes we add a little flavour by adding lemon slices to make the water looks more tempting both in appearance and in freshness.



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We also buy ourselves a container with lovely designs not only because we love the world we live in (yeah, plastic bottle contributes more to environmental damage) but also because by investing in a water bottle means we won’t have to get out from the chair (just admit it, there are times when we are that lazy to move).


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And it doesn’t stop there, we take our water bottle usage to the next level by making time oriented drinking goals and marking it on the bottle. We mark how much water we’d like to drink by a certain time every day. Believe it or not, it helps us to reach our drinking goals!


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2. Facial mist to the rescue


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If you think that facial mist is just another water in fancy tin, maybe you should think again. It’s way more beneficial than giving the cooling and refreshing feels on the skin on a hot day or post-yoga class.

It helps extend the wear-time of our foundation, it helps to control oil production and it boosts absorption of our moisturisers and masks.

Even if it comes with only refreshing and soothing benefits for our skin, we will still use it for daily basis because we love face mist so much we can’t live without it.

Anyways, we made a review of 3 facial mists that goes a little further in terms of the benefit it offers, click here if you’re curious.

3. Hand cream and lotion helps too!


Salon by Houzcall Store

Hand cream offers a pleasant smell that could be relaxing and ease your mind up a lot. Besides, it gives you extra benefits to boost your skin’s moisture levels, combat the signs of premature aging, and make your nails stronger and healthier!

It’s like killing two birds with one stone, we love the relaxing scent and we also get the vitamins to prevent our hands go dry, rough and unattractive.

If you love hand cream that much like we do but have no idea where to buy a good quality one, click here, maybe it will help.

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