How pH Balance Affects Your Healthy Skin

We may have heard about pH level in almost every beauty products we put our hands on, but what is pH level actually? How important is it and how can it affects our skin?



As you may heard this already on chemistry classes, pH – stands for potential hydrogen – is actually a scale that measures hydrogen concentration ranges from 0 to 14. One indicates the most acidic and fourteen indicates the most alkaline. And in order to keep your body and skin healthy, we need to balance both the acidity and alkalinity.

To work its best, the pH level – or known as acid mantle – should be slightly acidic, around 4 to 6.5 pH balance. But specifically for our face, the right balance that we need to maintain is at 5.5 pH.

So what does this have to do with the skin?

Our skin, wondrously has an ability to block any outside invaders such as germs, bacteria, pollution and toxins that could causes premature aging  and irritation. It’s like protecting the skin from the inside.  The more alkaline your skin is, the more likely your skin will be drier and wrinkly and looks older than it should. And the more acidic your skin is, your skin tends to be susceptible to breakouts and sensitivity.

Next question is, how can we keep the balance between these two if we have no idea about our current pH level?

No worries, because you can determine your pH level as easy as looking yourself in the mirror! Detect by its behavior, dry or fragile skin probably means it’s more alkaline and acne-prone means it’s overly acidic.

But to be very certain, take this little quiz to find out your pH level, and you’ll know how to treat your skin properly.

1. After-cleanse feeling

a. Soft and smooth

b. Tight and dry

c. Still slightly oily or not thoroughly clean


2. Moisturizing frequency

a. At least morning and evening

b. Once a day

c. Never


3. Sensitive to products

a. Normal

b. Once in awhile

c. Reacts to everything


4. Have dry, flaky, rough patches

a. Never

b. Sometimes

c. Usually


5. Your skin looks duller and has more lines in the morning

a. Fortunately no

b. Yes, usually

c. Very rare occurence


6. Is your skin excessively oily and prone to breakouts?

a. No

b. Occasionally

c. Sadly yes


7. Red & feel irritated

a. No

b. It stings only after applying product

c. Yes


If your answers are mostly A –  your pH level is just righ! Having skin this good is not an accident, keep maintaining it and you’ll continue to glow.

If your answers are mostly B – your pH level is too high. Your acid mantle is being dismantled. Its like your protective layers are removed and your skin is very vulnerable to bacteria, harsh ingredients and UV rays.

If your answers are mostly C – your pH level is too low. Be careful, because overly acidic skin could has angry breakouts and may be painful to touch.

A little tip from us you may want to follow to get your skin at its neutral pH level;

  • Avoid washing your face with a soap bar as most of them is overly alkaline. It may strips away all the dirt and makeup (remember the squeaky after-cleanse feeling?) but unfortunately it strips away our natural oils as well.
  • Look for ‘soap-free’ labeled formulas or ‘pH-balanced’
  • Use natural skin care products more and avoid using too many chemicals on the face as they have adverse effects on the pH level

If you haven’t been so sure and you need concrete evidence, you can get yourself pH testing strips or consult to your dermatologist.

After all, as confusing as it may sound, balancing the pH level is crucially important if you’ve been dreaming of having a healthy and glowing skin.

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