Crystal Facial Roller, A New Trend To Achieve That Goddess Glow Skin

We all ridiculously do ridiculous thing in order to have better, smoother, younger-looking and goddess-like skin. From getting through the pain of  getting our face pinched from facial treatments at beauty salon until peeling our face by the sticky black face mask, we’ve done that although it’s that painful. No pain no gain, remember?



In spite of the fact that we are raised in a culture that says “beauty is pain” over and over again until it runs continually through our minds, we need to understand that this motto is irrelevant when it comes to skincare. Not all things that stings are good for your face.

What if all of a sudden the skincare trend shifts and there are ways to pamper your skin that won’t cause you any pain yet makes you feel good?


Barré Roller – Rose Quartz from Salon by Houzcall Store

Ladies, prepare yourself for the next hot skincare trend, it’s rubbing your face with a crystal! But no worries, because there are crystals with no rough edges designed for facial massage purposes so your skin won’t be damaged. We introduce you to the newly-launched in our store, Barré Roller – Rose Quartz.

Crystals in general are believed for their healing and energizing benefits, that also extend to beauty realm as well. Facialist and noetic expert, Marie Reynold believes that everything in our environment has an ‘electromagnetic field’ and that specific objects’ energy can help with our health, wellbeing, and appearance. In particular, crystals hold electromagnetic energy that can transmit to balance and energize skin.

To be more specific, rose quartz stone is well-known as the stone of love. It’s not just romantic love that rose quartz stone embodies. They wash out toxic energies and emotions trapped inside of us, that is believed will reduce the anxiety and stress in the skin. They also help ease tension, as tension builds up the muscles in our face, making us appear older. Also, rose quartz is popular for it is excellent for facial skin health – you can find it easily in organic skincare products.

We recommend rolling the face with it from the center of the face in an outward direction, simply because massaging the face is a wise idea if we’re hoping to improve blood circulation to even out skin tone. It works great when combined with facial oils or your skincare routine, as it helps in deeper penetration of nutrients.

After using it for awhile, you’ll see your skin’s elasticity improved, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness reduced, your dark under eye circles faded away as well. For extra healing, relaxation and inflammation reduction, place the stone in the refrigerator. The stone is naturally cold but this extra temperature drop will help increase circulation, stimulate collagen production, and rid of the body toxins and waste. Plus, it feels cool and relaxing as you gently glide the stone onto your skin.

An extra, its sweet-soft pink hue color is very pleasing to the eye (a side note, it’s very Insta-worthy for your feeds!), and it will undoubtedly make you feel good especially when you’re looking at the mirror after continuous usage.




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