Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love

The best occasion to show love to your loved ones is on days with no occasion. But particularly for your mother, Mothers’ Day could be a great moment to express your love and gratitude for everything she taught until you become the woman you are now.

If you don’t have the time to pick the right useful gift for your mom, no pressure, because we’ve done the thinking for you!

We summed up five unique gifts that not only designed for practical purposes, but also appealing. Wrap it in a pretty bow and watch your mother go lost for words as she opens your present.


  1. Artisan Tea


Hibiscus, chamomile, and apple in your cup (Instagram @tema_id)

What about give your mother a jar of tea leaves that she can brew at her place? Try TEMA, a tea product that made with good quality leaves from the diverse gardens of Indonesia. From classics like Genmaicha and French Earl Grey until tea blends that were crafted artisanally, they have it all. Every sip offers daring flavors, perfect for your mother’s companion whenever you’re not around or even more perfect for your unwind time together with her.

2. Stylish Tableware


Swirl pattern and golden engravings plate (Instagram @brewsuniq)

If your mom loves to cook, why don’t support her by giving some pretty tableware that will level up the food presentation game? No more dish that looks dull and delivers it like a pro. It could be exciting to your mom as well because it takes imagination and creativity to create a whole extraordinary dish with these tablewares from Brewsuniq. They also have stylish salad plate, ramen bowl, pottery mugs, and coffee cups at their page.

3. Scented Candles


Botanical candle rose (Instagram

Our moms have provided things for us since day one, why don’t give her a scented candle for her leisure days? It illuminates a pleasant aroma that will definitely build up a laid-back atmosphere. What’s unique from our scented candle picks, Kaminari, is that there are real  botanicals contained inside, from eucalyptus, rose petals, and slices of clementine.

4. Crystal Facial Roller


Barre Roller (

You may have heard that crystals hold electromagnetic energy that can help with our health and wellbeing. At the current time, people rub their face with crystals and it becomes a huge trend in the skincare world.

We introduce you to Barre Roller – Rose Quartz from our store. Roll your face after using your daily night time skincare routines and after continuous usage, achieve that healthy-glowing skin. Your skin’s elasticity will also be improved, along with the reduction of your fine lines, wrinkles, and puffy eyes. If you wonder if it’s possible, well, Rose Quartz itself is well known for its ability to wash out toxic energies and emotions. And we all may have known that massaging our face is a good idea because it helps blood circulation.

Aside from loads of benefits this facial roller carries, it comes in a very pretty color that your mom most probably will be proud of having it.

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5. A Stress-Relieving Massage

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Salon by Houzcall

Memorable presents not always come in form of things. Because it’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts. Schedule a massage session as a thank you gift for dealing with our endless questions when we were kids, for the life lessons we might already get tired of hearing yet form us into strong and graceful women, and for having the answer when we have no idea where to find our lost items.

Our therapist will bring you all the good stuff such as aromatherapy scent and music to bring you the ultimate relaxing massage experience.

Click here to get to our app and book a massage session

SBH // ve

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