Best Exercise Studios in Jakarta


Urban life has shifted our lifestyle to a more efficient and mindful solution. This also applies to our exercise routines. When gym subscriptions become a burden, we gaze our eyes toward boutique studios that provide flexibility, variety, and community engagement. To encourage you to move more, we are giving you these options to exercise in environments that are not only going to push you beyond your limits, but which will also make sure you can exercise in the best and most stylish environment. Here we list for you, the best studios in Jakarta!


source: @alderjakarta

One of the best high-quality studios in Jakarta, Alder wants to create a workout experience that is fun, gratifying and ultimately empowering. The classes they offer are unique and innovative to suit urban life. They are categorized as the East Coast and West Coast to differentiate the types of workout. The East Coast classes will have a lot more active movement while the West Coast classes build strength from simple yet challenging routines. With a modern and homey design, the studio is reflecting the new wave of the healthy lifestyle in Jakarta.



source: @soulboxjkt

Offering an alternative workout to suit the busy, social modern urbanite, Soulbox is highly effective and stylish. The classes are creative, flexible and ever-evolving to execute the latest in cutting-edge programs and workout. Many choices include Kettlebell Metcon, Sandstrom, Aquarobics, Cycling Lab, Vinyasa, Soulbare Cardio, and many more. Soulbox combines state of the art fitness and wellness facilities with first class lifestyle design and quality. It is one of the edgiest studios in Jakarta.


Hustle House


Hustle House is Jakarta’s premier athletic-based boutique fitness studio established in 2018. They’ve rapidly grown to become one of the top workouts destinations for fitness enthusiasts around Jakarta. Here at the House, you’ll hustle alongside our community of energetic, fitness-minded people and be met by our friendly and experienced coaches that will help you each step of the way.


Breathe Studio

source: @breathejakarta

Breathe Studio Jakarta is a fitness studio with various options. Its superior classes are pilates and yoga barre. In addition, there are also zumba and HIIT for other choices of fit activities. No matter your body shape or body weight, Classes at Breathe are classified as safe sports that can be followed by everyone. So, no need to feel intimidated.


Steps Dance Academy

source: @stepsdanceacademyid

To make your kids wants to get exercise too, why don’t let them join to ballet or dance class? Here, at Steps Dance Academy, ballet classes are open for your kiddos (3 and 4 years old) to adult classes. If you prefer modern contemporary class, you can also get your schedule here. Steps Dance Academy also opens other dance class such as hip hop (for juniors and teenagers), zumba fitness, belly dance, recreational hip-hop, salsa/tango, and yoga. If you don’t have any experience in dancing, don’t worry, the instructors will teach you from the very basic.




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