Houzcall x Picky Picks Issue #48


Welcome to Our Kinda Thing – we will share our favourite things here; dishes, coffee, IG, youtube vids, cosmetics – you name it.

All of our features are ours, honest and real – no hidden sponsors. We’ll pop in every other Wednesday. This is going to be fun!

Editor’s Note: “Movies vs reality”

Life isn’t like the movies.

A fulfilling, content life will make for a bad movie. Because chances are, it is filled with commitments, routines and compromises.

But that’s okay, because our tiny memories give us emotions sweeter and deeper than any grand romantic gestures movies can bring.

Small and real beats grand and virtual, any day.

Detailed Account


We consider  ourselves quite knowledgeable about Covid-19 but Vox’ deep dive on how China handles the coronavirus is worth a read.

Crispy Is Not Crunchy


Food companies put serious efforts into making chips crispy – like they put nitrogen-infused air in Lay’s to promote crisp. Yeah, THAT hardcore. Read this to find more.

Music History


Take a trip down memory lane with this cool project of top billboard songs from 1960 until now.

Tiny Lives

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 17.15.11

This Japanese artist creates miniature art from everyday objects. Check out this laundromat made out of cameras.

If It’s Enough For Her…


Lady Gaga shot her Stupid Love music video on an iPhone.

Pasta Diversity


We’ve been following our dad’s footsteps and asking restaurants to substitute most of our pasta dishes to spaghetti (yes, rude and ignorant). This video on why pasta comes in all shapes is changing our stance. (3 min vid) 


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