5 Ways to Greet Someone That Don’t Involve Shaking Hands

The Office
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Nowadays we can see that people around us (or maybe including us) are panicked and stocking up on supplies like hand sanitizer and face mask. Since then, we are getting serious and focusing on topic about the importance of properly and frequently washing our hands, and have likely been not to touch the face area. If you’re still especially concerned about the spread of germs, there is another simple preventative measure you can take: Stop making unnecessary physical contact with others.

Next time you go in to shake an acquaintance’s hand, kiss a pal on the cheek, or greet someone with a friendly hug,  please don’t!

Instead, try using one of these 5 great ways greetings that don’t require any touching. And remember, pandemic or no pandemic, some people simply don’t like to be touched, so feel free to say no to a handshake or physical greeting at any point time.

Literally Just Say Hello

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Greetings don’t have to involve physical contact. There’s nothing wrong with verbally saying hello to someone and not taking things any further. Say hi and quickly present a follow up question, like “how have you been?” to keep the conversation going. No time for hugs here.

Wave At The Person

What happened to waving? Who decided waving is only OK when there’s significant distance in between people? I say waving at a friend who’s right in front of you is totally acceptable. Bring back the wave.

Do The Jim and Pam High Five

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One of the best television high fives of all time didn’t involve touching, and that’s the level of high five you should all aspire to. Remember when Jim and Pam air-fived from across the room on The Office? Absolute germ-free perfection.

Mime a Fist Bump

Right Human Fist With Ring
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Fist bumps are a classic and easy greeting, so if you’re a fan, keep doing them… just don’t follow through all the way. Go in for the bump, but pull away before you actually touch skin. Maybe “blow it up” to make things less awkward. Or more. Who knows.

Do Some Air Kisses

Photo of Woman Pouting
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Real cheek kisses might be too risky at a time like this, but those fancy, pretentious air kisses? Now’s the time to break those babies out with friends close enough for such a gesture.



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