Baking Ideas For Self Quarantine and Self Care


The coronavirus is affecting many aspects of our everyday lives, but one are that shouldn’t impact is your home kitchen. Maybe it can be a chance to finally spend a few extra hours in the kitchen and master some baking recipes that you haven’t had the time to tackle.

Not sure what to make? Look in your pantry, if you have flour, sugar, milk, and baking soda, your on the right path! Tap next to see what things you can do later~

Soft Bread In The Making

Soft and Fluffy Milk Toast (with a secret ingredient to keep it ...

Why are we baking bread at home? Well, we would say, freshly baked bread is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. When your bread turned out to be a success, like soft, spongy, tasty, wohoo, that is an accomplishment!

If sometimes you think baking bread seem overly complicated and confusing, maybe it’s because you haven’t try yet. Let’s take a look on //” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>@recipe_tin IGTV,  as soon as you see  the beautiful, soft and fluffy breads that she had made, you’ll knew you had to try making your own!

Pretzel o Brezel

How Did the Pretzel Get Its Shape? | Wonderopolis

Making a traditional soft pretzel at home can be done in much the same way as at a professional bakery: Mix the dough, leave to ferment, shape, dip in an alkali bath, and then bake. You might know pretzel as one of your favourite snack. So does @mollyyeh. You can check on //“>her IGTV about making her go-to snacks: hot pretzels and cheese made with real milk!

Delicious Milk Pie

Begini Cara Membuat Pie Susu Bali yang Lezat |

This //“>pie recipes is easy to make. No bake, no need much time, but the result is delicious. If you make this pie, you will like the taste and love to make it again because the recipe is simple.

Homebaked Cookies

How to Keep Cookies Fresh Longer With a Slice of Bread

Who doesn’t like perfectly baked, gooey on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside, Chocolate Chip Cookies? Let’s try to make this one. You can watch @whatsgabycookin for your reference. Don’t let your quarantine freak you out, by making some cookies, it’s totally worth it.

Dalgona Matcha

Dalgona Coffee and More Crazy Drinks Everyone is Making During ...

If you’ve already perfected the art of making Dalgona Coffee, Dalgona Milo, and Dalgona Milk Tea, start whipping outside the box and take it up a notch. Thanks to @nikonekomatcha, you can try your hand at making “Dalgona Matcha”—something you probably never thought of doing when this all started, but now that you’re letting it sink in, isn’t it such a good idea

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