Best Mentaiko Dishes And Where to Find Them


Mentai is fish eggs pickled in chili peppers. It’s a food often seen in Japanese meals. The mentai flavor brings out the best of the spiciness, so once you try it you won’t be able to stop. When combined with mayonnaise and butter, it makes an excellent dish of mentaiko pasta.  Lately there have been fans of this flavor who love it so much they crush it and eat it over rice.

If you were wondering what mentaiko pasta tastes like, it’s salty and savoury at the same time. And once you get hooked on the taste, there’s no turning back. Here is a list of mentai dishes in Jakarta for you to tantalise your taste buds.

Salmon Mentai Rice

Salmon Kani Mentai is actually a spicy rice dish covered by thick slices of salmon, mentai sausage, cheese, and mayoinase. This dish is then roasted until browned, where it is made of melted texture and smokey aroma.

This one is Salmon Mentai from the pioneer of mentai dishes in Jakarta, @byanind, one of the most popular online culinary stalls from Jakarta.

Dimsum Mentai

Let’s check out this innovative version of dimsum instead. The ideas of dimsum and topped with mentaiko sauce make this dish more addictive. Certainly a great start to your snack.

Sushi Mentai 

We must admit, every sushi that comes from Sushiman made us fall head over heels in love with mentaiko. Here, Sushi  Man serves Spicy Salmon Hana and its signature, Lava Special Roll. This place is gonna be your favourite place to satisfy your mentaiko cravings.

Burger Sushi Mentai

As if it were a hidden treasure, Burgushi offers unique food creations that are very memorable. As the name implies, the main menu is burgushi, which is a unique collaboration between burger and sushi.

Try the Burgushi Salmon Mentai which made from a mixture of two Japanese rice bun with flavored crunch, slices of grilled salmon, fresh vegetables, spicy mayonnaise sauce, and then wrapped with a piece of crunchy seaweed.

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