For You Who Just Can’t Lunch Without Rice…

We know that we are all just too lazy but we love rice so much, even when it comes to our delivery meals. Which is why rice bowls are great – they travel well, come loaded with all the good stuff, and most importantly, make for easy eating. So on days when you’re feeling like you could use a treat, these places bring you a meal in a bowl at the push of a button. 


They are upgrading mentai rice to the next level. As its name, they giveyou new experience eating the shredded crab and crabstick on the inside and crispy crab shell on the top. 

Halo Bali

If you seeking for the best Balinese cuisine in the town, do not skip this. Leave your worry because they only serve halal menu. Worth to try, right?

Nasi Dower

Their packaging called ‘bungkusan’ remind us about our authentic culture as well, and we just love it! For everyone who loves homemade menu like mie goreng, telur balado, or rempeyek, this place must be put on your top list. 

Madcow Jakarta

Their bio explain it all: Asian fusion bowl with Indonesian twist. Let’s give it a try!


For you guys who loves se’i sapi, se’i ayam, se’ibao, you can’t skip this place. 

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