Gorgeous Hairstyle Ideas For Chinese New Year

Source: HarperBazaar.com

Chinese New Year is getting close, so we have compiled a list of hairstyles to wear for the occasion. So, if you have decided to not get a new haircut or change your hair color, you should at least debut a new hairstyle to welcome the Lunar New Year this. Psst, styling your tresses can significantly bring down your stress levels before the festivities and will earn you a lot of praise from your family and relatives.

Source: HarperBazaar.com

Braided Updo

Updos with braids don’t have to look complicated to look good! If you’re more the classic, sophisticated type, but you still want to add a little bit of interest to your look, we’ve got just the thing: this braided updo.

Bouncy Curls

Wrap your hair around a heated tong, just up to the mid‑lengths. Hold for 15 seconds for each section, but instead of releasing the curls, keep them coiled and pinned with a duckbill clip while you finish the rest of your hair. Allowing your curls to cool while still held in their place helps lock in the style so they last longer.

Straight Style

Blow‑dry your hair, focusing on the part to boost volume. Finish by smoothing a flat iron over your locks for a sleek, straight style.

Half Updo

For an elegant updo, gather about 30 per cent of your hair around the crown and lightly backcomb it for volume. Secure with bobby pins and finish with a light misting of hairspray.

Luscious Blowout

When in the shower, add a hair mask step to hydrate dry ends. Then apply a smoothing serum along the lengths of your hair before blow‑drying your hair with your head tipped upside down for an airy effect.

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