Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Loved Ones

There’s tons of love to go around on Valentine’s Day. While some may reserve the holiday for their significant others, it’s actually a special day to celebrate all the people you love most. 


Valentine’s Day is also a reminder of the importance of self-love. To make sure your friend is taking care of their mind, body, and spirit, send them any skincare products. And here are from HALE. 

Superb BFF

Thank your BFF for being a friend with this pretty pinky cake. Consists of the signature vanilla chiffon cake, filled with homemade raspberry jam, coated with vanilla fresh cream.


For the ultimate combination of salty and sweet, these super easy chocolate-dipped biscuits are just divine. They’ll love your treats and this will be their favorite snack during long weekends.


Ready to celebrate the upcoming special days with these two? More scoops for more positivity. Take one look at this, and you know it’s festive. 


Pink hues and edible flowers give a delicate feel to this sweet pudding. Truly treat your parents this Valentine’s Day with these pudding. They’ll love it. 

and the last but not least…


If you’re not a big fan of V-Day, so this is a gently reminder on the importance of self-love and pampering yourself. 

Not a super original idea, but how often do you really treat yourself to a full mani pedi sesh? If it’s not that often, call us and book a session with us…right now.

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