Best ways to trim your kids’ nails

Every parents must know, for some kids, having their nails trimmed by adult is not big deal. Meanwhile for others, just seeing the clippers, it causes a major freakout. If your kid is phobic, well let’s try these tips.

Do it in bath 

Some parents swear by clipping their kid’s toenails and fingernails in the bath. It softens the nails, making them easier to trim, and if the tub tap is running, kids won’t hear the dreaded snip-snip sound, which can be a trigger (even if you aren’t aware of it).

Try a bribe

Bribing your kids really shouldn’t be your go-to parenting strategy, but promising some screen time or a lollipop in exchange for compliance may be all you need to get those nails trimmed without any screaming. Desperate times call for desperate measures! And if you can get it done without trauma, your kid will slowly get used to it and the bribes will be come less necessary.

Do it when they are sleep

Wait until they’re in dreamland and then sneak in like a midnight manicurist and do your thing. Obviously for babies this is really easy but it even works with much older kids too – as long as they’re in a really heavy sleep. Check for deep breathing first.

Don’t use scissors

If they scream when you produce the scissors then don’t use them! Get nail clippers, use a nail file. 

Book us now!

Let a pro try! The fanciness of the manicure and the promise of painted nails might help your kid feel excited instead of dread.


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