How Often Should We Get For a Massage?

When you want to indulge yourself, sometimes getting a massage can be a better way. But, have you ever wondered to your self, “how often should I get a massage?”

Well, massage frequency and duration will depend on the type of massage you want and the area you want to target. It’s going to vary for each person’s individual needs, there is a general guideline to determine how often you should get them.

For Personal Needs

We know massage could reduce stress—whether it’s stress from your career, having children, or other physical or mental demands, massage is a great way to reduce the stress and relieve the body.

This is common for someone in a high-stress occupation or living situation. You can cope with your lifestyle much easier with weekly or bi-weekly massage sessions. 

It’s helpful to reduce the stress levels and have something to look forward to each week. You may not realize how sore you are until you have a massage, even from just the normal stresses of daily life.

Even now you can book our service from the convenience of your own home. 

What About Getting Too Many Massages?

Actually, you can get massaged too frequently. You should go at least once per month, but as often as twice per week in severe pain situations. The longer you wait though, and the more often you’ll start the process over of loosening up your muscles because they tense up if you don’t go often enough. When your body starts to feel stiff and sore, it’s telling you that it’s time for a massage again.

If you’ve ever wondered how often you are supposed to get a massage, use this guide to learn how to listen to your body and the benefits of getting one frequently.

Tips For Caring For Your Health Between Massage Therapy Session

It is important to take care of yourself in multiple ways, not just with massage. The following tips can help you focus on your health between sessions or when you just can’t meet with your therapist.

  • Meditate and relax: Busy schedules filled with work, errands, and general tasks can sap energy and time. Make sure to schedule in a few ten-minute breaks for relaxing during your day.
  • Drink enough water: By drinking water, especially purified water, you can keep your muscles and other tissues hydrated. Your therapist will tell you to drink water after your massage to rehydrate but doing this every day can help eliminate toxins too.
  • Stretch often: If you are sore in the back, neck, and limbs, take time out of your day to gently stretch. Do this until you feel a pull in your muscles, not pain. To lengthen a muscle, stretch for thirty to sixty seconds. Remember to breath easily and do not bounce.


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