5 Tips for Staying Productive While Working From Home


Plenty of people fantasize about working from the comfort of their own home. But working remotely is a double-edge sword — sure, you get to stay home, but it can be harder to focus on actually working.

Here are four tips from work-from-home veterans and workplace experts.

Stay Hidrate!


WFH gives you more control over your working conditions, timing and breaks. So, you have to make sure you manage your fluid intake in order to stay productive.

Let’s use the old trick of placing a bottle or a big cup of water by their computer or on their working desk, in order to remember to drink some every now and then.


Keep your body loose, especially your neck. If you don’t stretch these muscles regularly, they can develop adaptive shortening which limits your flexibility and your ability to perform functional movements.

Have A Real Food!

Prepare some healthy and real meals for your breakfast and lunch. Remember, even snacks are yum but you need to have a real meals. It is important to energize your body and immune system.

Protect Your Space


While working at home, let’s create a working place where you can stay focus at least for 8 hours to go. Don’t work from your bed, make it as your place you can relax at the end of the day.

Make It Cozy

You can brew some tea, make a cup of coffee, light a candle, and put a playlist or podcast on. Force yourselft to stay focused until the end of the playlist or until the candle is burnt out. Usually by that time, you will find your productivity back.

Take A Break

Especially for lunch. Go for a walk, cook something, leave your computer for a good chunk of time. Don’t feel guilty if you have to go on a walk in the middle of the afternoon to recharge. Experts says fresh air is really important these days, as long as you keep safe distance from others.

Get Dressed


Just shower and dress just as if you were going to work. It might seem obvious but… since you are at home, your brain will probably try to trick you into working from bed, in your pajamas.




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